There is extreme, and then there is IES EXTREME.

IES Global makes hostile environment and intense event data acquisition instruments for a variety of applications. Sound boring? It isn't. It's friggin' awesome. If you're looking for HIGH SPEED recorders and FAST gauges that can withstand HIGH TEMPERATURE, HIGH PRESSURE, HIGH VIBRATION and HIGH SHOCK, then you've come to the right place.

In addition to our COTS solutions, we offer custom delivery systems design as well as advanced analytics. (These are arguably more on the boring side).


IES Global, Inc. – High Speed Perforation Gauge and Pressure Gauge

IES Global would like to know:

(because whatever it is, we’ve probably got a gauge for it)

IES Global’s highly survivable and capable data acquisition systems are used in a variety of ways, whether miles beneath the surface of the earth or in the middle of a bomb. Below, you’ll find information about some of the extreme engineering applications of our gauges and recorders. If you have a unique problem, consider contacting us to discuss it; we just might be able to help.


IES Global's fast gauges are superior for downhole insight

“…but I thought…”

Downhole Insight

Our gauges record fast-speed pressure and acceleration data for perforations, underbalance jobs, overbalance jobs, propellant jobs, and other downhole stimulation techniques. Ever heard of FAST GAUGES? We invented the FASTGAUGE.

Visit our downhole insight page to learn more.



comic image of jet dropping bomb to demonstrate the effectiveness of IES global's weapons testing program

“Looks like that fuze testing really paid off! Thanks, IES!”

Weapons Testing

We hear it all the time: “you had to be there.” But when ‘there’ is at the tip of a 2000-pound bomb hurtling at 1000 feet-per-second as it rips through four feet of steel-reinforced concrete, your ‘being there’ isn’t such a great idea. Better to send one of IES Global’s HIGH SPEED, HIGH SHOCK recorders to report back.

Visit our weapons testing page to learn more.