Model 74


image of IES Global's Model 74 high speed, high shock recorder used in weapons testing

Model 74 High Speed, High Shock Recorder

The Model 74 is a fully programmable, microprocessor controlled, miniaturized, high shock, solid-state, 4 analog channel, 4 digital channel recorder, designed to acquire transducer data in shock environments of up to ±50,000 G’s. The epoxy-encapsulated unit can be configured for a variety of transducer inputs to accommodate automotive crash testing, blast testing, oil and mining applications, weapons testing, or testing in other hostile field environments. The channel gain, bias, trigger levels, and speed options can be programmed into the Model 74 via a computer. Multiple sampling speeds can occur within a single test event.




  • Can be Programmed as a 1, 2, or 4 Analog/Digital Channel
  • 256 Internal Trigger Levels
  • 512 Channel Gain and 256 Bias Levels
  • Internal and/or External Trigger Operation
  • Repeatable Trigger Events (until memory is full)
  • Multiple Recording START and STOP Options
    • Manual Start
    • Start on Powerup
    • Start after Time Delay
    • Start on External (OPTO) Trigger Pulse
    • Start on Signal Level
  • Multiple Data Collection Speed Modes (speed change on internal / external triggers)
  • Slow to Fast (until memory is full)
  • Slow to Fast, back to Slow
  • Slow to Fast, then to Intermediate, back to Slow
  • Slow Speed ONLY
  • 8 Intermediate and 8 Slow Speeds
  • Speed Interval Windows
  • All programmed settings saved in EEPROM


  • Only 3 wires needed to communicate, program, and download data, via RS-232
  • Battery, Voltage and Current Monitoring
  • Sensor and Internal Voltage Monitoring
  • Auto Sensor Balance and Testing
  • Internal Temperature Monitoring
  • Pre-Trigger Data Retention
  • AUTO Low Battery Shutdown

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