Series 300

image of IES global's series 300 fast gauge used for downhole insight in the oil industry

Series 300 Fast Gauge

The Series 300 gauge operates up to 150°C, can survive extreme high shock (+/-50,000 g’s), and samples data at 115,000 data points per second for superior downhole insight. Since 1987 IES has designed and built innovative, custom electronic recording devices exclusively for military and commercial test programs. Not only can this gauge sample data at much higher speeds than the industry standard, but it can do it in high pressure, and severe shock/vibration environments generated by explosive pressures from perforating and propellant guns.

The Series 300 is typically used with perforation guns, dynamic underbalance, propellant guns, the StimGun® assembly, and the StimTube® tool. The pressure profile data collected verifies proper gun and propellant burn and underbalance pressures. It can be used to determine the fracturing response of the formation by analyzing the post-job data with software models. Other applications include recording perforating jobs, hydraulic fracturing/stimulations, tool movement, and reservoir measurements.

Another unique trait with the Series 300 gauge is the “Multi- Speed” feature. This programmable feature allows flexibility in collecting pressure at various sampling speeds and time intervals. This high speed perforation gauge starts sampling at a slow speed, and when a pressure pulse or acceleration/vibration event occurs, the gauge automatically switches into very high sampling speed, then switches to an intermediate speed, and back to the slow sampling speed. This process can be customized and repeated until the memory is full. The time window for these different sampling speeds is programmable.


  • Shock Hardened Design (50,000 G’s of Acceleration/Vibration)
  • VERY High Sampling Speed (up to 115,000 data points/second)
  • Records Pressures up to 30,000 psi
  • Programmable Low, Intermediate, High Speeds, and Time Intervals
  • 4,000,000 Data Points of Memory
  • 120°C (248°F) and 150°C (302°F) Rated Gauges Available

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