Data Acquisition Instruments

IES global data acquisition instruments iconOur devices are designed to operate in extreme conditions and to survive extreme events. They are HIGH SPEED gauges and recorders that can endure HIGH TEMPERATURE, HIGH PRESSURE, HIGH VIBRATION and HIGH SHOCK, with some models capable of handling everything at once.

More specifically, our data acquisition instruments are low current (50mA), fully programmable, microprocessor controlled, solid-state, and have multiple digital and analog channels (some of our devices come with built-in sensors and most can accommodate yours…if you can sense it, we can record it.). They are survivable up to 100,000 g’s, 150C, 30,000 psi, and capable of recording data at rates of up to 1.2 million data points per second. Whatever your throw at us, we can probably handle it.

All electronics are manufactured in-house from globally sourced materials and the virtually indestructible steel housings are fabricated in Canada.

IES Global’s Current Product Line:

image of IES global's series 300 fast gauge used for downhole insight in the oil industry

Series 300 Fast Gauge

Model 54 – The mainstay for military customers for over a decade. Standard high-speed, 4-channel recorder. Non-volatile memory.
Model 74  – Improvement over the Model 54 in terms of programmability. Standard high-speed, 4-channel recorder. Volatile memory.
Series 300 – The mainstay for oil well customers. Single channel, high-speed, high temperature. Volatile memory.


Coming Soon from IES Global:

image of IES Global's Model 74 high speed, high shock recorder used in weapons testing

Model 74 High Speed, High Shock Recorder

Model 74NV – Improves the Model 74 by adding non-volatile memory. This recorder is in final prototype.
Series 400 – Improves upon the Series 300 by adding multiple channels (2-4) and non-volatile memory. This gauge is in the final stages of validation.
PSoC (Programmable System on a Chip) – Completely new design for achieving even higher speeds, significant increases in programmability and agility (soft modularity), and greater ease of manufacturing. Prototypes are undergoing testing. Depending on this device’s performance during testing, it could be used in military, oil well, and other operations.


All products come with unlimited lifetime global support. Leased products are repaired free of charge.

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